Team Bonding In Langkawi & Koh Lipe

Here at Tropical Charters we specialise in team bonding activities that are island and water based. We know our way on land and sea when it comes to the beautiful island of Langkawi. We know the key to a good team is to have fantastic communication skills and team spirit and who knows its better than the crew at Tropical Charters who practices team bonding on a daily basis.

From Scavenger Island Hunts to Beach Olympics we do it all. Two of our most popular activities are the Kayak Treasure Hunt Games and Captain A Hoy's Sailing Experience.

captain A'hoy sailing game
At Tropical Charters

Captain A’hoys Sailing Game onboard the Yachts and blue sky thinking. Sailing is always fun when you are sitting back and enjoying yourself. Ever handled a yacht before? Well this is team task which requires each team member to able to communicate with each other from lifting the anchor to hoisting up the sails.

All groups will be ferried on an island and groups will then experience a little bit of sailing and a little racing.

May the best team Wins! Its lots of fun and hard work at the same time, time management, communication skills, delegation and understanding is the most important factor in this task.

Kayak treasure hunt
At Tropical Charters

Each team will be given a set of questions and clues to work on. To crack the clues team member have to race sometimes by foot and most of the time Kayak. each clue that is cracked has a point’s value and the team with the most points at the end of the treasure hunt will wint the star prize.

The teams need to bond and communicate well for each other. The clues fall into 3 categories. Easy - Medium - Difficult.

It will be up to the teams to decide how many of each category they decide to go for.