About Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe or Ko Lipe, pronounced as Ko Lee-pae, is the southern most island in Thailand and is one of the many Butang Islands located in the beautiful Tarutao National Marine Park. Lipe island was first discovered by the Chao Ley (or Sea Gypsies) who would travel from island to island in search of the best fishing in the areas to feed themselves and their tribes. The Chao Ley eventually found a permanent home on Koh Lipe and were given a grant to settle on the island's eastern beach (Koh Lipe Sunrise Beach) and have since remained there.

Translated into the local Chao Ley language, Koh Lipe literally means "Island Paper, or Paper Island." It is still considered by many an undiscovered secret in Thailand, one of the few remaining as Thailand tourism booms at record levels.