Island Hopping

Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands, of which two-thirds are uninhibited. It’s an UNESCO Geo-park spanning 478,000 square meters full of flora, fauna, and pristine beaches, making Langkawi Island Hopping one of the most popular activities for visitors.

Tour operators for Langkawi Island Hopping are numerous, however one should always be careful in selecting licensed and experienced operators. All of Tropical Charters operators are licensed, rightfully earning the Asia and Australasia Awards 2017 for Best Charter Company of the year.

A typical Langkawi Island Hopping tour lasts 4 hours, and includes lunch. We provide BBQ lunch on a private stretch of beach for our guests, freshly cooked by our experienced chefs to round off the experience with a full and happy stomach. The Langkawi Island Hopping tour kicks off from the Teluk Baru Jetty on Tengah Beach and sets sail once all guests are onboard.

3 Islands, 1 Day, Twice a Day

We have an early riser option that starts at 9 am and ends at 1 pm, and another Langkawi Island Hopping tour that starts at 2 pm. The Langkawi Island Hopping tour stops at 3 main islands, which are Dayang Bunting Island, Beras Basah Island and Singa Besar Island. 

While basic amenities are available on the islands, they are incredibly limited. We usually encourage guests to pack their own drinking water, snacks and good sun block to combat the sun. 

Dayang Bunting Island

From Teluk Baru, this island is a 20 minute ride. The island is so named for its shape resembling a pregnant maiden, of whom there are many myths and tales about. The island’s biggest draw is only a short 15 minute hike up the trail, which will lead you to the other side of the island. There,  a clear blue, fresh water lake awaits. 

The limestone formations and dense forests surrounding the lake transports you into a time long ago, one before cell phones and skyscrapers. Here, you have the option of swimming in the lake, trekking through the forest trails, or renting a paddleboat to cover more areas for  exploration. There is also a catfish spa where you can spend time soaking your feet, to allow the catfish to exfoliate your skin.

Singa Besar Island

Though its name means ‘Big Lion’, this island on the Langkawi Island Hopping tour is famous for eagle feeding. From the comfort of the boat, you will be able to watch the magnificent feeding frenzy of hundreds of eagles diving from the sky to grab fish out of the water. The species of eagle found here is the Golden Brown Eagle and the White Bellied Eagle. 

Beras Basah Island

Presumably named ‘wet rice’ for the shape of its fine sandy white beaches, this is an island of relaxation. Sun bathers and swimmers will love the calm shallow waters, while the adrenaline junkies can rent banana boats and jet skis.

Notable wildlife on this island are the ‘beach monkeys’. These monkeys are acclimatized to humans and know they have food, so caution is always advised when setting up the perfect picnic location.

The three islands cap off a perfect Langkawi Island Hopping tour, giving you a diverse range of activity. Guests who prefer to charter a private boat or want a bespoke route can always speak to our consultant, who will be able to customize an itinerary. 

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