Jet Ski Tour

Jet Skis are like the motorcycles of the ocean, bringing to mind speed, agility and skill. Unlike its land counterparts however, our Jet Ski Tours are easily operated and can be a safe yet exhilarating example for teenagers and adults. 

Langkawi Jet Ski Tours is designed with the thrill-seeker in mind. Spanning the quiet seas around Langkawi, the clear blue water is the perfect backdrop for one or two riders to experience the speed of our powerful jet skis. Bigger parties can rent multiple jet skis for up to 4 hours to whizz around the open waters. 

Our licensed and experienced guides will be on hand to ensure safety, as well as give all beginners pointers and guidance. Jet Ski Tours can be done on its own or as part of the Private Cruise Tours package. 

Whether it’s your first or fifth time aboard a jet ski, there is truly no place like Langkawi for it. 

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5 Tips for your Ultimate Jet Ski Tours experience 

1. Safety First 

Safety briefings are incredibly important and should be given your full attention. Always keep your life jacket on, even if you’re an experienced swimmer. Make sure to keep your engine shut-off-clip attached to your waist at all times. The clip is meant to turn the engine off in the event you fall of the jet ski, and prevents the jet ski from going over you or speed into someone else.

2. Handle Firmly

The jet ski is a powerful machine. Make sure to keep a firm handle on the bars as you navigate during your Jet Ski Tours experience, as this will allow you to remain in control of the machine and keeps you balanced. The throttle is also located at the handle bars, as is the brakes. Having a firm grip on these will lend to your safety greatly.

3. Practice Turning on Low Speeds

Beginners should keep a low speed when starting out, at around 10 mph or less. This allows you to acclimatize with the movements and power. Always keep to low speeds near the shore, and accelerate as you leave it. Turning in a jet ski will require practice, and is one of they key milestones for beginners. Once you’ve mastered turning at low speeds, you can progress to higher speeds. Turning is incredibly important to learn, as there are no reverse gears on a jet ski! 

4. Keep Distance from other Vessels

It may be tempting to race your friends and tail-gate, however it can be very dangerous to be too close to other vessels. If overtaking them, stay far away, which allows them to see your trajectory and keeps therefrom blocking your path and vision.

5. Lift Your Body 

At high speeds, the nose of the jet ski will appear to be pointing upwards, to the sky. A little lift is normal. To keep your balance and posture, you can lift your body above your seat to reduce impact of the waves and current against the body of the jet ski as it moves. 

Don’t forget to have fun and record down all your experiences! There’s nothing like experiencing the rush for yourself. Ask us now about our Jet Ski Tour package.